Masters in AI for Careers in EU (MAI4CAREU)

3AHealth is participating in the recently awarded Masters in AI for Careers in EU (MAI4CAREU) project where it will have the opportunity to be involved in the design of cutting edge AI courses while hosting hands-on student internships, promoting industry-academia collaboration in the constantly evolving AI landscape.

The provision of AI knowledge and skills that respond to the huge demand of today’s AI industry has been identified as a critical need in the European Union strategic vision to become a world leader in AI.

MAI4CAREU aims to deliver modern Master Programmes in AI within the network of the consortium’s partner universities promoting new careers in AI for students from any EU country. The programme will contain a strong element of inter disciplinarity as required by modern Human-Centric, Explainable and Responsible AI. It will strengthen and broaden existing master programmes in AI or other related areas by enriching and opening up the available courses among the partner universities so that students can have access to a wider selection of course modules including industrially connected modules supported by the partner SMEs, such as 3AHealth, which will be directly involved in the overall design. In particular, this widening of choice and student experience will be facilitated by distance-learning courses build on top of the openly available online course material.

Stay tuned for official kick-off date and project updates!


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